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The Triumph of Assimilation

by Mark Rubin, Jew of Oklahoma

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Listen close what I say They’ll come a time, they’ll be a day And though it seems so far away I promise that we’ll make them pay There’ll be revenge For the suffering and pain Revenge For us who still remain Oh that day will come along When we right each every wrong They’ll be revenge For the widows, orphans it must suffice For the millions blood since sacrificed Our Prophets cry out for us to awake For retribution so shall we take Mankind will turn its back on war I see it clear on a distant shore It’s coming here like Noah’s dove A message of kindness, Peace and love That’s our Revenge…..
It's Burning 02:32
Its burning, its burning Everything is burning down But your arms are crossed And you're standing round It’s burning Its burning, its burning Listen up y’all dam fools Pick up a bucket You’ve got the tools Its burning Well they’re going round taking names Putting every home to the flames Its burning And if there was any doubt There ain't no fireman to put it out Its burning solo The flames have swallowed up our town But your arms are crossed And you’re standing round Its burning There ain’t no rain There ain’t no flood We’ll quence these flames With our blood Its burning Its burning, its burning Everything is burning down But your arms are crossed And you're standing round It’s burning Its burning, its burning Listen up y’all dam fools Pick up a bucket You’ve got the tools Its burning
Died, fried and laid to the side Keeps a southern belly well satisfied But if yer gonna stay Jewish well it better suffice To see bacon as a garnish and ham hock a spice. Tell me Mrs Cohen why’s yer Cholent so nice I use bacon as a garnish and ham hock a spice If you wanna keep kosher gotta work real hard Cuz everything here’s got a little bit of lard You make accommodations when you live in the South. Don’t ask too many questions ‘bout what goes in your mouth Don’t wanna stick out, you wanna get along So eat that crawfish and sing my little song Solo A/B/C Can’t find a bagel worth a tinker's damn Not in the land of the glazed country ham And the Church picnic may be the only meal So they ain’t pork chops, let’s call it “pink veal.” Tell me Mr. Katz whys yer latkes so fine I use lard instead of schmaltz, and I do it all the time If yer gonna keep Kosher on the end of your fork Its best to close your eyes and pray its not pork So if yer gonna stay Jewish well it better suffice To see bacon as a garnish and ham hock a spice.
Come gather round good people A story I will tell I sing today of Leo Frank It’s a tale not known so well You may have heard the ballad Or you might have heard the songs About poor little Mary Phagan And how it was that she was wronged Well my stories not about the crime Not about his so-called trial Where Leo Frank the innocent Was found guilty and given time Leo Frank is gone But the memory lingers on Convicted by all press accounts Railroaded by the Court Thousands came from all around Frank’s fate was made a sport Out on the courthouse steps Ol’ John Carson could be heard Singing songs made on the spot For the throngs gathered there ..he sang.. “Let’s hang the little Jew” Lets’ hang the little Jew” - solo - On the 17th of August It was on that fateful day 6 cars filled with angry men to the Midgeville prison came They drained the gas tanks of the cops Cut down the telephone wire Handcuffed the friendly warden And with Frank they bid goodbye Outside of Marietta At a spot they did prepare There’s old oak branch and a length of rope And a rickety old chair ..they sang.. “Let’s hang the little Jew” They hung the little Jew” And when the killing had been done All the men had gathered round To get a picture of themselves By Frank’s body a’ dangling down There were prominent politicians Policemen, sherff’s too Captains of local industry And the founder local Scout troop We’re the “The Knights of Mary Phagan” The Klansmen cried with glee Burned a cross on ol Stone Mountain For all the world to see ..they were singing.. “We hung the little Jew” We hung the little Jew” The Jews of old Atlanta Thought they’d had it made But thousands left ol’ Georgia now For the safety of a Northern State No menorahs in the window No more sukkahs built outside Them Jews that did not leave right off Learned to hide it deep down inside Leo Frank is gone But the memory lingers on For Little Mary Phagan’s song John Carson we can thank But next time you’re at services Say a Kaddish for Leo Frank
Don’t look for me in those tall, tall pines You will not find me there, my love. Where lives wither and die by those cold cold machines That’s where you’ll find my resting place. Don’t look for me where bluebirds sing, You will not find me there, my love. For I am a slave where my chains clang and clink. That’ll be my resting place Don't look for me where waters splash. You will not find me there, my love. But where tears flow free and teeth they gnash, That’ll be my resting place. And if you really love me with your true love, Then come me, my love, And lighten up this poor poor heart, And sweeten up my resting place, my grave.
Unnatural Disasters by SI Kahn It’s flooding in Nashville It’s boiling in Maine Tornados in New Orleans Tsunamis in Spain Why is this all happening? What’s your best guess? What is the reason we’re in such a mess? It’s the Jews. It’s always the Jews. We caused Global Warming and we give you the Blues Wherever we go we’re always bad news Whatever goes wrong. It’s always the Jews It can be a real a real challenge to tell who is a Jew Because some of us use names Presbeteryians use too It’s not always easy to tell one when you see one So someone you like might turnout to be one Chorus Those good Christian bankers they kneel and give thanks When they aren’t laughing all the way to their banks 10 million foreclosures each one has a name The banks made their billions, but who takes the blame? Chorus With People of Color you can tell right away So you can be careful what you do and you say But Jews are so sneaky who’s to know what to do The trouble with us is that we’re so much like you
Good Shabbes 01:51
Good Shabbes Gonna knock of work tonight Good Shabbes Gonna light those candles bright Gonna rest up with my friends Study Torah till the Sabbath ends Good shabbes, good shabbes, good shabbes Good Shabbes Gonna take time out and rest Good Shabbes So I can be my best Tonight the family dines Make the blessing over the wine Good shabbes, good shabbes, good shabbes On Shabbes Gonna open those gates up wide On shabbes To welcome the Sabbath Bride Gonna get on down to schul Study up on the golden rule Good shabbes, good shabbes, good shabbes On shabbes We unload our woes and cares Good shabbes Join the congregation in prayer You can put that phone away It can wait till another day Good shabbes, good shabbes, good shabbes


(Each song has notes on its page)

It’s Burning and A Day of Revenge are my contextual translations based on the Yiddish language poems “S’Brent” and “A Tog fun Nekome” by the Polish Jewish poet Mordechai Gebirtig. The former was written in 1938 in response to a brutal pogrom in the city of Przytyk. He and his wife were murdered in 1942 by random Nazi gunfire as they were boarding a train for deportation from the Krakow Ghetto.

My Resting Place is based on “Mayn Rue Platz'' by the American Morris Rosenfeld, known as the Yiddish “poet laureate of the slum and the sweatshop.” It was written to commentate the victims of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire in NYC, NY in 1911.

I hope I have honored the poet’s original intentions in my adaptations.


released June 1, 2021

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Matthew Smith at Six String Ranch Studios, Austin TX. January, 2021.

Mark Rubin, guitar, banjo, string bass, mandolin, tuba, banjo guitar, electric bass, percussion and voice

Danny Barnes, banjo: My Resting Place
Dylan Blackthorne, accordion: A Day of Revenge, Down South Kosher
Michael Ward-Bergeman, piano: Unnatural Disasters
Mark Hays, drums and tambourine: A Day of Revenge, Unnatural Disasters, Down South Kosher
Rabbi Neil Blumofe, voice: Avinu Malkeinu

Panorama Jazz Band:
Mark Rubin - Vocal, tenor banjo and tambourine
Ben Schenck - Clarinet, leader, gang vocal
Aurora Nealand - Alto saxophone, gang vocal
Colin Myers - Trombone, gang vocal
Michael Ward-Bergeman - Accordion, gang vocal
Matt Perrine - Sousaphone
Doug Garrison - Drums

Cover photos by George Brainard
CD disc design by Megg Sørensen, sparrowpapercraft.com
Design by Jeff Brosch

Rabbi Blumofe appears courtesy Congregation Agudas Achim, Austin TX.
Special thanks to Micheal Wex for assistance with the contextual translations.
“Good Shabbes” dedicated to Hinenu: The Baltimore Justice Shtieb and Congregation Or Shalom Vancouver, for all that you do.

All songs by Mark Rubin, Jew of Oklahoma Music/BMI except:

Unnatural Disasters
Lyrics, Si Kahn, Joe Hill Music / ASCAP
Music, Mark Rubin, Jew of Oklahoma Music / BMI

Spin the Dreidel
Music and Yiddish lyrics written by Moishe Oysher / Abe Ellstein, Ethnic Music Pub
Additional English lyrics by Mark Rubin, Jew of Oklahoma Music / BMI
Arrangers - Ben Schenck, Mark Rubin
Published by Snack Daddy Music / ASCAP
Recorded, edited, mixed and mastered by Lu Rojas at Oak Street Recording, New Orleans, LA

Proverbs 28:7


all rights reserved



Mark Rubin, Jew of Oklahoma New Orleans, Louisiana

Oklahoma-born, Texas-reared, and now living in New Orleans, multi-instrumentalist Mark Rubin is an unabashed Southern Jew.

Known equally for his muscular musicianship and larger-than-life persona. Over an accomplished 30+ year career, he has accompanied or produced a virtual who’s-who of American traditional music. With Danny Barnes, he founded Pioneer Proto-Americana band the Bad Livers
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